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boarding check-in form is required for all patients boarding at Heart of Ankeny Animal Hospital. To ensure efficiency at check-in we would appreciate you filling out this form in advance. Please review our policies here and then scroll down to complete form and submit online prior to your stay. Thank you!

Boarding Check-In Form

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Parasite Prevention
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If you answered YES, please list the product your pet is currently using and when it was last given/applied.

If NO, check one below for us to administer (Required, at your expense):

Oral Bravecto chew (DOGS only), lasts 3 months (protects against fleas/ticks)
Topical Bravecto Plus (CATS only), lasts 2 months (protects against fleas/ticks/heartworm)
Seresto Collar, lasts 8 months (protects against fleas/ticks)
Vectra Flea Spray, lasts 5 days (protects against live fleas only)

Additional Services
Please select any additional services you would like done for your pet while here:

Nail trim
Nail trim with grinding
Anal gland expression
Bath w/ boarding, free for deluxe stays > 5 nights
Microchip Implantation

Emergency Protocols
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(Option 1) Treat my pet as needed. Do all diagnostic tests, treatments, and procedures necessary for the well-being of my pet. I accept full financial responsibility for all charges related to the treatment of my pet
(Option 2) Treat my pet as needed. Do all diagnostic tests, treatment, and procedures necessary for my pet not to exceed a certain dollar amount (entered below). I accept full financial responsibility for all charges related to the treatment of my pet.
(Option 3) DO NOT perform any diagnostic tests, treatments, or procedures on my pet until you reach me. **In the event of a life-threatening situation, I consent to supportive care being performed on my pet until I, or my emergency contact can be reached.

If you selected "Option 2" above, please enter the dollar amount to not exceed.

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