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Boarding and Daycare Policies

1. All pets staying in the hospital are required to be current on vaccinations and must have screened negative for intestinal parasites within the last 6 months. Dogs require DAPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccines while cats require FVRCP and Rabies vaccines.

2. All pets staying are required to be current on flea and tick prevention.  Any pet found to have external or internal parasites while in our care will be treated at the owner's expense. Remember that we are a veterinary hospital as well, and cannot guarantee that all pets that enter our building are free from parasites. Please note that if your pet is NOT up to date on prevention we cannot guarantee that they will be remain parasite free during their stay.

3. All boarding and daycare clients are required to keep a current credit or debit card on file. This card will be used to handle any medical needs that may arise, to pay for extended stay fees if your pet stays past his/her scheduled pick up time, to pay for "No Show" and late cancellation fees if they should occur, or to use for prepayment of boarding reservations when necessary (see #5 below)

4. All boarding reservations require at least 48 hours notice for cancellation. Any boarding reservation that cancels less than 48 hours from their stay will be charged a late cancel fee of $25. If you are scheduled during a "High Demand" time (see #8 below) you will forfeit your $50 deposit in place of this fee. Any "no-show" to a Boarding reservation will require a $50 deposit for ANY future reservations (high demand or not). Any Daycare reservation that is cancelled less than 24 hours from their stay or that "No Shows" for their reservation will be charged the full fee for their daycare reservation that day.

5. If you are picking up or dropping off your pet outside of office hours you will need to make arrangements with our staff. We offer drop off or pick up on NON-business days at 8am, 12pm, or 6pm.  Drop off or pick up at any other time outside of office hours will not be accomodated. Drop offs and pick ups are NOT allowed on holidays.

6. Payment for boarding services is due in full at time of drop off.  If you plan on dropping off your pet outside of our regular office hours, prepayment is required. You may take care of this payment however you wish. If you have not taken care of payment by the end of business hours the final business day before your stay, then your credit card on file will be charged for your pet's stay.

7. If you pick up 24 hours or more before your pet's scheduled pick up time, a refund will be issued to the card on file. Refunds will not be awarded for pickups less than 24 hours early. If you refuse to keep a card on file, then you agree that you forfeit any early pickup refunds.

8. The following high demand periods will require a $50 deposit to hold your boarding reservation: Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years. Specific dates vary from year to year, and are available at your request . This deposit will be applied towards the fees for your stay, but is NON refundable unless your stay is cancelled 48 hours or more in advance.  Refunds will NOT be given for early pick up during Spring Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years periods.

9. Daycare hours of operation are 7am - 6pm.  Half day daycare sessions are 7am-12:30pm OR 12:30pm - 6pm.  Any client who is scheduled for a 1/2 day and stays past their scheduled pick up time will be charged for a full day daycare fee.  Any full day daycare client who is late for pickup with be charged a $3 late fee for every 15 minutes past closing time (6pm). Any pet that has not been picked up by 6:30pm will have arrangements made for overnight boarding at the owners expense, and will have to be picked up the following day.

10. Heart of Ankeny has the right to permanantly remove ANY dog from daycare if we feel they are not interacting well with other dogs or staff/people.

A signed boarding policies form is required for all patients boarding at Heart of Ankeny Animal Hospital. If your pet will be participating in daycare you will also need to sign the daycare policies and liabilities waiver. If you have a scheduled reservation we would appreciate you filling out these forms in advance. You may sign them and email them to us at Heartofankeny@gmail.com or bring them with you to the hospital. Thank you!

Lastly, to ensure that we have ALL the proper care instructions for your pet's stay we will have you complete our Boarding Check-In Form. If you would like to save time at drop off you may scroll down to fill out the form in and submit online prior to your stay! Thank you!


Boarding Policies Form and Daycare Policy and Liability Waiver

Boarding Check-In Form

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If an incident or signs of illness occur during your pet's stay how would you like us to handle communication. Please check one. (required)

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Feeding Instructions
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Would your like your pet to receive a daily peanut butter Kong treat? ($3.50 each day) (required)


Social Media
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Parasite Prevention
Is your pet(s) current on flea/tick prevention? (required)


If you answered YES, please list the product your pet is currently using and when it was last given/applied.

If NO, check one below for us to administer (Required, at your expense):

Oral Bravecto chew, lasts 3 months (protects against fleas/ticks)
Seresto Collar, lasts 8 months (protects against fleas/ticks)
Vectra Flea Spray, lasts 5 days (protects against live fleas only)

Additional Services
Please select any additional services you would like done for your pet while here:

Nail trim
Nail trim with grinding
Anal gland expression
Bath w/ boarding, free for deluxe stays > 5 nights
Microchip Implantation

Additional Information
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