Heart of Ankeny Animal Hospital

701 Ordnance Rd.
Ankeny, IA 50023




Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will do our best to provide the best care we can to you and your pets, while keeping the health of our staff members and clients at top priority. We will continue to monitor the recommendations and guidelines set forth by public health and veterinary officials regarding the outbreak, but will take additional precautions necessary to ensure everyone’s safety and health so we can keep our facility open and continue to care for your pets.

Effective Tuesday March 17th, 2020, only hospital staff will be allowed inside all areas of our facility while we continue to provide services. For everyone’s safety, our doors will be locked at all times.

The following protocols will be set in place to follow recommended social distancing guidelines, so we can ALL prevent close contact with others:



Heart of Ankeny Animal Hospital is no longer accepting scheduled appointments in our hospital but are allowing drop-offs at scheduled times. Please follow these protocols to ensure safety for you and our staff:

  • PLEASE ENSURE YOUR PHONE IS CHARGED BEFORE COMING TO OUR FACILITY TO DROP-OFF OR PICK UP YOUR PET. This is very important to be able to communicate with our staff!

  • Our clients may request a time to drop their pets off at our hospital for an appointment. We can be contacted via phone, PetDesk, or email. 

  • Our phone volume has dramatically increased since beginning our new protocols. We STRONGLY urge all our clients who don’t have PetDesk to download the app! This is a very effective, easy way for us to communicate with clients without using a phone line. We can give pricing estimates, send information, and make/cancel appointments much easier.

  • Once you have scheduled a drop-off time, you may call when you and your pet have arrived. On the phone, you will be transferred to a medical professional to discuss your concerns. At the end of the phone conversation, a staff member will meet you at your vehicle to obtain your pet. To follow social distancing guidelines and keep exposure to an absolute minimum, PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES UNLESS ASKED FOR ASSISTANCE FROM OUR STAFF. Make sure your dog is SECURELY leashed, and your cats are in a safe and confined carrier before arrival.

  • After our medical team evaluates your pet, we will call you to discuss recommendations and a plan moving forward. Verbal consent for treatment and details surrounding financial estimates will be authorized via this phone call. At this time, we will collect credit card or Care Credit information to be run once the appointment is complete. We strongly recommend only credit card or Care Credit payments. If you must pay with cash, please inform our staff during this conversation and we will make special arrangements.

  • After the appointment is complete (if not previously informed), we will call you to inform you your pet is ready to go home. If you are waiting for your pet, we will bring them out to you at this time.

  • If you dropped your pet off, please call our clinic when you arrive for pick-up. will meet you at your vehicle. Please allow our staff to place your pet back into the vehicle without assistance, unless we request otherwise.


Boarding & Daycare:

  • The same appointment protocols listed above will be expected of our boarding and daycare clients as they come to drop-off or pick-up their pets.

  • You must call us as you arrive each morning or afternoon. We ask that you please be patient and expect a somewhat longer wait time if there are several clients at our facility at once.

  • Clients who are scheduled for boarding or daycare will need to take care of all necessary paperwork and charges prior to drop-off. We will not be able to accept your pet without all required paperwork completed. You have full access to our Boarding Policies Form, Daycare Waiver, and a fillable Boarding Check-in FormFor your convenience we have added a section at the bottom of our Boarding Check-in Form allowing you to inform us you have reviewed and understand our Boarding & Daycare Forms. This will replace a signed consent.

  • Payment will meet the same expectations as listed on our Boarding Policies Form and Daycare Waiver, and clients will be expected to keep a card on file to be run for services done.


Food & Medications:

  • We strongly urge you to purchase food and medications through our online pharmacy until further notice, but can make special arrangements if that is the only option. If you need medication for your pet, we can mail it to you (for an additional fee) or allow you to pick up from your vehicle. Food may be picked up at your vehicle. We will accept payment over the phone prior to mailing or pick-up.


Additional Information:

  • At this time, pets are not thought to become infected with COVID-19, or to be carriers of the virus.  Even with this in consideration, if you find yourself with symptoms or under quarantine, it may be best to distance yourself from your pet as you would other people.  If you must care for your pet, be sure to wash your hands before and after contacting them and consider wearing a mask when you are with them.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to anyone. This is not ideally how we would like to conduct our business, but our primary goal is to keep everyone healthy throughout the duration of this pandemic.

We hope everyone stays safe, and you all take good care of yourself and loved ones!

❤ Heart of Ankeny Staff