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Prevention Plans

Do you want to ensure that your pet gets the best care? Do you tend to wait to bring your pet to the vet due to cost? Our prevention plans are designed to make sure you pet stays up to date on all necessary preventative care including vaccinations, parasite screening, heartworm and tick-borne illness screening,  and internal organ function screens.  We have plans geared for your new furry friend that include a spay or neuter. We also have other plans that include dental cleanings, chest radiographs, or urine screening annually.  All office visit fees are always FREE when your pet is enrolled, so any time you have concerns regarding your pet’s health you can rest easy knowing you can have your pet examined any time. All of their preventative care needs are included, AND you will also be eligible for free nail trims and discounts on non-preventative services!

Plans start as low as $25.95/month for cats and $30.95/month for dogs.

     *All plans require a $49.95 one time membership fee - the Rookie plans (monthly) require a one time membership fee of $99.95.

Take a look at our summary below to see which plan would work best for your pet.


Have questions? Feel free to ask any staff member! You can email us at heartofankeny@gmail.com or call us at (515)-635-0095.