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Prevention Plans

Do you want to ensure that your pet gets the best care? Do you tend to wait to bring your pet to the vet due to cost? Our prevention plans are designed to make sure you pet stays up to date on all necessary preventative care including vaccinations, parasite screening, heartworm and tick-borne illness screening, and internal organ function screens.  We have plans geared for your new furry friend that include a spay or neuter, and we have other plans that include dental cleanings, chest radiographs, urine screen, thyroid screen, etc! 

Any time you have concerns regarding your pet’s health you can rest easy knowing you can have your pet examined as needed. All of their preventative care needs are included, AND your pet is eligible to receive free nail trims and discounts on non-preventative services!

Plans start as low as $27.95/month for cats and $32.95/month for dogs.

     *All plans require a $49.95 one time membership fee - the Rookie plans (monthly) require a one time membership fee of $99.95.

Take a look at our summary below to see which plan would work best for your pet!


Frequenly Asked Questions

  • How long does the plan last?
    • Each plan lasts 1 calendar year. If you sign up on February 2nd, your plan will expire/renew February 2nd the following year.
  • How many vaccines are included?
    • Each plan includes the recommended core vaccines ONCE PER YEAR, and if necessary, their 3-4 week boosters.
  • What is the difference between an annual and monthly plan?
    • Annual Plan
      • Paid for up front in 1 payment
      • Bigger discount at sign-up
      • Does not auto-renew
    • Monthly Plan
      • Paid for over 12 months in set monthly installments 
      • Auto-renews each year at the same level (Rookie transfers to Silver)
  • How soon do I have to renew the plan to avoid another membership fee?
    • You must renew your pet's plan within 30 days of expiration to avoid another membership fee. All monthly plans will auto-renew without a membership fee.
  • What if I want to pay my monthly plan off early?
    • You are more than welcome to make any early payments on a monthly plan. We just require the minimum monthly payment needed to keep the plan in good standing and active on your account.
  • What if I miss a monthly payment?
    • We will contact you if your card does not go through at the time your payment is due, we will put your account and plan services on hold. We give you a 10 day grace period to take care of payment, after that youYou will be charged a $25 late fee. A late fee will be applied to EACH monthly payment that is late.
  • If my plan is on hold, can my pet still be seen?
    • Yes we will still see your pet, but you must pay full price and no services or discounts will be given.
  • What kind of discounts do I receive on services not included in my pet's plan?
    • Each plan has different discounts. Every plan has 100% discount on listed preventative services (see brochure above).
      • Our Rookie and Silver plans also offer 5% on daycare/boarding, and 10% on non-plan services.
      • Our Gold plan offers 5% on daycare/boarding, 15% on non-plan services, and 10% on flea/tick/heartworm prevention.
      • Our Platinum plan offers 5% on daycare/boarding, 20% on non-plan services, and 10% on flea/tick/heartworm prevention.
  • What if decide to cancel my pet's plan before it is expired?
    • You are welcome to cancel your pet's plan at any time. If the full price of the services used is greater than the payments received, you will be charged for the difference. If the full price is less than the payments received, a refund will be issued. Membership fees are non-refundable if you cancel the plan after 3 days of signing up.
  • What if I decide to sign my pet up for the plan after my preventative care visit?
    • You have 7 days to decide whether or not you'd like to sign your pet up for a plan. If signed up within 7 days of your original visit, the payments previously received for included plan services can be applied towards your plan fees. Your plan would then expire in 1 year from your original visit date. 

Have other questions? Feel free to ask any staff member! You can email us at heartofankeny@gmail.com or call us at (515)-635-0095.