Heart of Ankeny Animal Hospital

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Preventative Care

Routine Physical Exams

A physical exam is your pet's most important screening test. We recommended having your pet examined twice yearly. Remember that pets age quicker that humans so their health can change in a short amount of time. 



We offer vaccination against multiple infectious agents. We will recommend what is best for your pet based on their age and lifestyle.



An easy way to ensure you are reunited with a lost pet. Learn more, and enroll your pet’s microchip now.


Heartworm and Tick-Borne Illness Screening

These diseases are very common in unprotected pets. Please ask for more information on how to keep your pet protected against, fleas/ticks and heartworm disease.


Intestinal Parasite Screening

We recommend this screen every 6 months or annually. There are many intestinal parasites that can be transmitted from your pet to you or your family. Ask us how to prevent these types of infections in your pets.


Urine Screening

Evaluating your pet's urine can give a large amount of information. We can find signs of infection as well as screening for diabetes and kidney dysfunction. Any pet that is having urinary accidents or abnormal urinary habits should have their urine examined. This test is recommended in all adult pets annually and every 6 months in senior and geriatric pets.


Routine Blood Screening

We offer an in house diagnostic laboratory which allows us to screen your pets internal organ function and routine blood cell counts. We recommend these screens annually in all adult pets, and every 6 months in senior and geriatric pets. Don’t wait until your pet is sick to have him/her screened. There are many disease processes that can be treated if detected by early screening.